Our Mission and Story

Sharing the love of the outdoors.
For nearly a year and a half of my life, Between Dec 21, 2011 and April 16th, 2013, I was blessed with a beautiful grandson, Sawyer Mason Adams.


Sawyer changed the world as I knew it, he changed my family and he changed the direction of my life! Sawyer reminds me to this day that no one is promised a tomorrow, and that as people, we need to take time to smell the proverbial roses.

Even though it has been years since Sawyer’s passing, our family and friends are still haunted by the loss of such a beautiful spirit, I can still see Sawyer’s face like the last time I saw it was this morning.

A few years ago, I was inspired by a friend who had experienced the loss of a child. He inspired me to use my pain and sadness, to channel it into something beautiful and positive. It has been a long journey of self-discovery to simply muster the strength to talk about this, without falling apart, but the need to honor his memory is so powerful to me!


Guys, I can’t tell you how much joy it gives me to introduce you to the Sawyer Mason Foundation! Founded in 2021, The Sawyer Mason Foundation is a true 501C3 Non-Profit created with the mindset of “Inspiring The Love Of Nature”. It is as simple as that!

If you know anything about me, you know I am an outdoor junky! Camp, fish, hunt, kayak, hike, explore, create, – I build things out of natural stone and wood! I needed to find some ways to change the world (in Sawyer’s honor) that would help heal our society by getting them out into the fresh air & off of their devices, a way to help bring people together and into nature.

Based on my career in water features, I have experienced the healing effects of water, and what it does for people and their well being. A peaceful oasis, boasting the soothing sounds of flowing water, could be the place that really helps a person-in-need find some of the peace of mind they deserve.


It is the little things in life that matter and this is a great opportunity for us all to make a difference 🙂

The Healing Effects of Water

It was important for me to honor people who give of themselves to protect our freedoms and our people! No matter where you are in the world, there are people who are suffering from mental and or physical trauma suffered while defending their people, their freedoms and their beliefs. I figured why not build some healing gardens for our Heroes? Whether a person has been scarred on the outside or the inside during their service is irrelevant. We have the power to help them heal & I bet that we all know someone who has been forever changed by their self-less servitude.

The Sawyer Mason Foundation will purchase all necessary equipment and materials (that aren’t donated) to create water features at wholesale cost. All labor will be donated by loving people who want to do “Things That Matter With People That Matter”!


Share Your Story

Eligibility requirements:

  • Recipient must be diagnosed disabled (physically or mentally)
  • Disability must have occurred due to an act of service.
  • Recipient must be willing to share about the experience on camera.
  • Recipient must be willing to sign a waiver that states that the Sawyer Mason.
  • Foundation & Modern Design Aquascaping will use the project footage and the interview footage to create content as we see fit.

**Please understand that the foundation’s #1 goal is to build a great healing space for a deserving recipient BUT, keeping that in mind we do have to take many things into consideration. In order to create momentum for the foundation and to perpetuate donations that will allow for continued growth, we will need to be very selective in choosing people with engaging stories. The content we create will be our only method of marketing the foundation. We only put this information here so that you folks understand that while all of our heroes are deserving of our talents and our gifts, we will be forced to make some difficult decisions between which candidates to accept and which ones we have to pass on!

Thanks in advance for your compassion and understanding 😉
John G Adams

Support and Community

There are a few ways for you to get involved. Click the link below and make a donation, give whatever feels right to you! Email us if you are interested in being involved in the foundation or helping to heal someone in your area through the Love of Nature! As we grow, we will need people, as well as resources, to make this dream come true 😉